More than 5 million people have backed a Kickstarter project

love this idea.


Crowd-funding giant Kickstarter unveiled some of its latest stats on Tuesday, showing just how quickly the company’s community is growing. More than 5 million people have now backed a Kickstarter project, and almost a third of those people are repeat backers (people who give money to more than one project).

Kickstarter’s backers have successfully funded over 50,000 projects, and the project success rate is around 44 percent (or a little under half). Even more eye-opening, the total amount of money that has been pledged to projects has now hit $849 million, and Kickstarter estimates that by early next year — around their 5th birthday — that amount will cross a billion dollars.

Now that is a big economy. The crowd-funding ecosystem is large and becoming a real source of funding for the arts, for devices, for movies and games, and for design. Most of the projects make up a tiny…

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